Who is ACA?

Advanced Christian Academy is the culmination of the dreams of two local women each having assorted backgrounds of education, teaching, and leadership experience that worked together to provide a solid foundation for academic learning.

Advanced Christian Academy meets Monday through Thursday from 9am -3pm. Each child then receives a homework packet that they will complete at home on Thursday and/or Friday. This three day-a-week model allows parents to stay involved in their child's education without the lesson planning and grading that homeschooling entails. Meeting only four days a week also allows the school to keep tuition much lower than the typical five day-a-week private school.

Another way in which ACA is set apart from other schools is their unique math and language schedule. Each class has math and language arts at the same time, which allows students to move up or down based upon their skill level. Children move at their own pace without the stress of trying to do work that is beyond their academic level. This also prevents boredom for the advanced students who need to be challenged. There is a joy in learning at ACA that is emphasized by the small class sizes and individualized attention that each student receives.

Finally, and most importantly to its founders, Advanced Christian Academy is a Bible based school that strives to promote character development along with academic greatness. Allowing God to be at the center of all school classes, activities, and decisions helps to ensure that ACA does not become a school where the Christian beliefs are watered down. The hope is that children will leave the school stronger in their academics as well as their spiritual walk.